What is a sewer inspection?

Your home’s sewer needs care just like the other parts of your home. However, many homeowners don’t know much about their sewers or how to tell when they have sewer problems. These frequently asked questions are designed to clear the air about your sewers so you’ll know what a sewer inspection is and why you should get a sewer inspection.

What is a sewer inspection?

This is an inspection done by a camera attached to a snake line. The video camera records the state of the sewer, revealing any cracks, tree roots, collapsed lines, clogs and other problems inside the sewer.

Why a Drain Pipe Camera Makes Sense?

The biggest benefit to using video inspection services is cost. You save not only system down time, but on labor and materials. There is no need to dig up pipes that are in perfect working order to find one little trouble spot. Our cameras can cover more ground, in less time than with traditional excavation repair practices. With a video pipeline inspection we can pinpoint the trouble spot saving time and money on job.

Why are sewer inspections important?

Sewer problems are not always obvious. Just because the toilets in a house can flush and the sink drains doesn’t mean that the sewer is in good condition. Sewer inspections can reveal unknown problems in the home’s sewers before they cause big damage or become severe.

When should I get a sewer inspection?

Many people get sewer inspections when they’re serious about buying a new home. It’s a good idea to get a sewer inspection done if your home is showing signs of a sewer backup or if your home has had sewer clogs in the past and you’d like to know how your sewer is doing.

Can you tell if your home has sewer problems without getting an inspection?

If your home has serious sewer problems, like a clog, you may see signs before the backup becomes severe. For example, you may notice that all the plumbing fixtures in your home have started to drain slowly. You may also notice that flushing the toilet may cause a backup in another nearby fixture, like the bathtub. These are unmistakable signs of a sewer problem and should be addressed immediately.

How much do sewer inspections cost?

Sewer inspections can vary a lot in cost depending on the area, the plumber and the sewer, however, a typical price may be between $200 and $450. If you pay for a sewer inspection and line clearing or other work at the same time, you may be able to get a better deal on the inspection.

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